Date:25th,May,2018       Venue:Shanghai,China
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Why Participate?
Seize strategic market opportunities and space from China's financial reform
Listen to the voice of regulators to understand the development trend of China's foreign exchange investment
Opportunities and challenges of Foreign banks and institutional investors to participate in China's foreign exchange investment
20 keynote of the industry discussions
The most authoritative media coverage
​Found the future partners and business opportunities with the 500 foreign exchange delegates
Excellent business development opportunities, branding in the industry target customers
Communicate with industry experts to build relationship with global experts.
Forecast and share the future of innovation of Chinese FX Invest Market
Conference+Exhibition to expose in front of the industry players
The Most Authoritative FX medias coverage
Key Topics 
China's current regulatory situation
Effect of Shanghai Free Trade Zone and the resulting opportunities
How should the overseas brokers layout of the Chinese market
How to select brokers
What are the critical success factors for enabling high-frequency trading and minimising access time?
The opportunities and challenges of Establish the Office in China
Research on new products in the foreign exchange market
Chinese foreign exchange futures Prospects
The future trend of the RMB
Trends in electronic transactions
How to allow customers and brokers to establish a relIABLE relationship
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