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About Event

Chinese SMEs are the engine of China's economic growth, accounting for approximately 60% of the national GDP. Covering more than 99% of business in China and providing 80% of domestic employment opportunities, they have become an important driving force in the growth of the entire national economy. But the lack of financing collateral and guarantee has become the main difficulty for them to survive.

Supply chain finance as a financial innovation business in is developing rapidly in China, it has become an important field of strengthening competitiveness for banks and enterprises. It also provides new financing channels for core enterprise and SMEs. In order to promote the substantive cooperations among the banks,core traders, SMEs and Edge enterprises, get the support from SWIFT and China Banking Association, we will organize the 2011 China Supply Chain Finance Summit during 19th-23th,October, 2011 in Shanghai China.

This event is the only one high profile summit talking about supply chian finance in China. With the scheme of “Seeking the Balance with Supply Chain Finance” ,we will deeply discuss the topics like Supply Chain Finance Market Outlook and Trends for China;Collaboration in Supply Chain Finance;Products Innovation and Risk Control; Collaboration model of the whole supply chain;clearing&settlement etc.

2011 China Supply Chain Finance Summit will attract over 200 senior decision makers from core enterprises, domestic small and middle size traders, domestic&international banks, internation financers, Logistics enterprises, software; solution&paltform providers. The purpose is to create an unique platform for all the participants to exchange views and find a real time, less cost and higher efficient way to provide more services for traders especially for SME’s in China.

This will be the must-attend event if you are ambitious at the China supply chain finance  

About Event:
  • Event Focus:
  • 1.300+ blue-chip corporations,core traders and SMEs in China from commodity,automobile manufacture, retail, FMCG market etc. to discuss their demands
  • 2.80+head of supply chain finance, corporate banking,trade finance etc. from global and domestic banks and financer will show their solutions and experience with you
  • 3.60+Technology and platform providers will bring their advanced solutions to enhance the performance
  • 4.+5 Hours’ speeding networking opportunities
  • hot Issue:
  • 1.Supply Chain Finance Market Outlook and Trends for China
  • 2.Collaboration in Supply Chain Finance
  • 3.Products Innovation and Risk Control
  • 4.View from Corporates:Benefit from Supply Chain Finance
  • 5.RMB Clearing & Settlement
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